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LPB’s Corporate Underwriters

We’d like to take this space to thank some very special Friends of LPB, our corporate underwriters. The generous support of these businesses helps defray the cost of the programs you see on LPB, and make possible LPB special events such as the Young Heroes Awards. Please think of these important members of the LPB family when you decide which businesses to patronize and which products to purchase.

Becoming a Corporate Underwriter

Contact us to learn more of the benefits of sponsoring your public television station!


Jeanne Smith
Underwriting Director

Louisiana Public Broadcasting
Educating, Enlightening, Entertaining
1-800-272-8161, extension 4466
or 225-767-4466,
in the Baton Rouge area.

Friends of LPB

Terri Crockett
Executive Director

Friends of Louisiana Public Broadcasting
or call 1-800-272-8161, ext. 4264
or 225-767-4264,
in the Baton Rouge area.

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