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Friday, June 23, 2017
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Education Newsletter - June 2017

Summer time is here! Time for teachers to relax and rejuvenate. During the summer months, I'll keep it short and simple for you, but hopefully you'll find a few resources that are useful, inspiring and fun. I hope all of you have a wonderful and safe summer.

1. Celebrate Ocean Friends Forever Day 2017 with Splash and Bubbles on June 8th! Several children's museums across Louisiana will be hosting events that will give kids and families the opportunity to celebrate World Oceans Day. Check their websites for what's happening near you! The theme for World Oceans Day this year is “Our Oceans, Our Future,” with the goal to encourage solutions to plastic pollution and prevent marine litter for a healthier ocean and a better future. "We all Live in One Big Ocean!"
Bayou Country Children's Museum in Thibodaux, LA
Louisiana Children's Museum in New Orleans, LA
The Children's Museum of Lake Charles, LA
Children's Museum of Acadiana in Lafayette, LA

2. LPB invites families to join us for a summer filled with Adventure! Summer is just around the corner and LPB is bringing kids more of their favorite shows all summer long! Our adventure kicks off with a screening of NATURE CAT on Tuesday, June 27 at BREC’s Highland Road Park in Baton Rouge from 6:30-9:00pm. Join us for activities for the kids, followed by a movie under the stars! Don't forget your blankets or chairs. Those in attendance will have the opportunity to take a picture with one of their favorite PBS characters, NATURE CAT! To get tickets, click here.

3. The new Kids' Inclusive and Diverse Media Action Project—Kidmap—presents a research-backed checklist designed to help reviewers, educators, librarians, and caregivers find and create digital media that is high quality and relevant to families with a variety of experiences. The extensive checklist, made possible with the support of the Joan Ganz Cooney Center, includes sections addressing digital media’s content, art, audio, audience, purpose, functionality/navigation, support materials, and creative teams. The checklist can be used as a rubric or guide in both selecting digital media and designing it.

4. New enhancements to Discovery Education Streaming are coming soon! Discovery Education has been dreaming up new content, features, and 21st-century tools for educators and students alike. Realize your dreams of students deeply engaged in critical thinking with the cool new look and tools. They’ll be rolling out many enhancements to Streaming over the next few months that are designed to deepen student engagement, extend critical thinking, and save teachers time. Be on the lookout!

5. Happy Father's Day! Father's Day is a special holiday where we honor the fathers in our lives. Each year we celebrate all of the dads, grandfathers and father figures that make us who we are. Did you know it wasn't a national holiday until 1972? Check out the All About Holidays video about Father's Day.

6. You might want to take a look at ThinkCERCA--it's a free site that boosts critical reading skills using high-interest texts. It's literacy platform is built around self-paced and collaborative learning, freeing teachers to truly personalize instruction for individuals and small groups. Common Sense Education rated is 4 out of 5 stars. See what you think!

7. Summer Fun! is filled with ideas to keep kids reading-ready for the next school year. These cool activities For K-2 will blend reading into everyday play for kids ! Reach for more summer family fun whether you spend the summer indoors or out!

8. In this Summer Learning Program from The Electric Company, educators will use a six-week program curriculum to help build students' literacy and math skills. Educators will learn how to use hands-on activites,engaging videos, and interactive computer game resources to engage students. Feel the power as you learn specific strategies for integrating Electric Company content into your unique classroom setting.

9. Summer Learning Adventures 2017! Join Alabama Public Television’s IQ Learning Network for these exciting streaming events hosted in partnership with OVEE and PBS video. OVEE is an online interface which allows multiple users to watch a video together, send in questions, comments, participate in polls and more. We will be viewing Our Nation's Capitol (Grades 5-8), Experiencing Shakespeare: Up on Your Feet (Grades 6-12) and Gulf Detectives: Animals of the Northern Gulf of Mexico (Grades 5-8). This series is a great resource for Summer Day Camp, homeschooling, and parents/students looking for educational activities for the summer. Educational enrichment resources are provided.

10. What could be better than a fresh frozen treat in the summertime? In this unit, Fizzy’s Lunch Lab – Summer Treatwave, children will investigate a variety of math topics as they learn how to make a healthy frozen snack. First, they will learn about the five food groups and practice sorting foods into different categories. Then they will use their spatial skills to search for the ingredients they need. They will also shop at a virtual grocery store, using their knowledge of addition and subtraction to buy additional ingredients. Finally, children will learn about measurement as they mix up the ingredients for a refreshing summer snack.

    Here are some June programming highlights on LPB that you might be interested in:

  • NATURE CAT: Ocean Commotion - NATURE CAT and his pals go on an all new, aquatic adventure to save Hal’s favorite chew toy. Along the way, they learn that all waterways are interconnected and meet up with a new special friend named Nature Dog who helps them navigate the oceans. Tune in on 6/19 at 7 AM on LPB, and for the repeat at 2:00 PM LPB and 5:00 PM on LPBKIDS.

  • Arthur: D.W. and the Beastly Birthday - In this all-new one-hour movie event on Monday, May 29th at 5:30 AM, D.W.'s fifth birthday doesn't go the way she'd always imagined it would and she decides to escape to the magical island of Ukubonga. Meanwhile, Arthur has skipped her birthday party to go on a school trip to the planetarium -- but instead of transporting him into outer space, it transports him 4 years in the future! Also on LPBKIDS at 7 and 8 AM. Don't miss all NEW episodes all week.

  • Sesame Street: The Cookie Thief--Monday, May 29 at 9:30 AM & Wednesday, May 31 at 9:30 AM. A cookie art museum has just opened on Sesame Street. Surrounded by beautiful cookie paintings, such as "Girl with the Cookie Earring" and the "Muncha Lisa," Cookie Monster and his friends feel as though they're in a whole new world. But when art suddenly starts to disappear, Cookie Monster quickly becomes a suspect. Can he clear his name? Will they find the missing art in time or will Cookie Monster be banished from the museum forever?

  • Victorian Slum House--The 1860s,Tuesdays at 7 PM starting May 2. In this series, a Victorian tenement in the heart of London's East End has been painstakingly brought back to life. A group of 21st century people are moving in to experience the tough living and working conditions of the Victorian poor.

  • Nature--Dolphins: Spy in the Pod-Wednesday, May 3 at 7 PM. The camera eyes of 13 ingenious Spy Creatures, including Spy Dolphin, Spy Nautilus and Spy Turtle, capture the dolphins’ “superpod” behavior never filmed before. Infiltrate the social world of dolphins from strange gatherings to gang rivalries.

  • Blue Planet--Sundays at 10 AM starting May 7. More is known about the surface of the moon than the deep oceans on Earth, yet the sea constitutes two thirds of our planet. This award-winning series, narrated by Sir David Attenborough, uses advances in underwater photography to open up new, hidden territories and previously unreached depths.

  • Joseph Rosendo's Travelscope--Sundays at 12:30 PM starting May 14. The Daytime Emmy®-winning travel series scales new heights of adventure, natural splendor and cultural richness. On Joseph's second visit to South Korea he discovers that apart from the many attractions of the capital city of Seoul, the countryside has many treasures. From world heritage temples to Olympic venues from historic towns to great food, he finds a world of surprises. And, of course, the greatest treasures of all are always the people and the warm-hearted welcome they offer.

  • King Charles III on Masterpiece--Sunday, May 14 at 8 PM. The hit Broadway show "King Charles III" is adapted for television. A 2016 Tony nominee for Best Play, the drama imagines Prince Charles’ ascension to the throne following Queen Elizabeth’s death.

  • American Epic: The Big Bang--Tuesdays at 8 PM starting May 16. Travel the country in search of unknown 1920s artists, when the music of ordinary Americans was recorded for the first time, transforming music forever, in a three-part film executive produced by Jack White, Robert Redford and T Bone Burnett. In this episode, travel to Tennessee as the Carter Family, Jimmie Rodgers and the Memphis Jug Band make their first records with producer Ralph Peer on a revolutionary portable electronic recording system, creating the first R&B songs and modern country music.

  • National Memorial Day Concert--Sunday, May 28 at 7 PM (Encore at 9 PM). Join co-hosts Gary Sinise and Joe Mantegna for the 28th broadcast of this night of remembrance honoring the service and sacrifice of our men and women in uniform, their families at home and all those who have given their lives for our country.

  • PBS Previews: The Vietnam War--Sunday, May 28 at 8:30 PM. This program takes a look at creation of the upcoming series from Ken Burns and Lynn Novick: THE VIETNAM WAR. Featuring interviews with the filmmakers, behind-the-scenes footage, and exclusive clips from the series, this program will give viewers an advance look at this Fall's most anticipated film.

  • I hope you enjoy these resources. Take care, Nancy Tooraen
    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)



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