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Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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Tips - Let’s Read Together! Selecting Books for Your Child »

LPB Educational Services & East Baton Rouge Parish Library

Even tiny infants love to hear familiar voices. As children begin to grow and develop mentally and emotionally, they love adults to talk to them, listen to them, about practically anything -- from favorite foods and colors, to what they see on TV and what they can do to help you around the house.

Children also love having you read to them, and this encourages them to read on their own as they grow older. Children who are read to in their earliest years are often the children who are best prepared to acquire reading skills in school. Both before and after they learn to read on their own, reading aloud to children helps them to make a positive connection with books.

Why not make reading aloud a part of every day? Here are some tips to finding great books for children of all ages.

Infants & Toddlers

Prereaders (Ages 3 to 6)

Young Readers (Ages 6 to 9)

"In Betweens" & Preteens

10 Extra Tips for Finding Books for Children of All Ages

  1. Have your children help select books as soon as they start indicating preferences. Let them browse in a library or bookstore and choose for themselves.
  2. Get to know the children's section of your local library. Children's librarians are knowledgeable about new and classic books and want to help you.
  3. Determine your children's interests and then help steer them towards books on their favorite subjects.
  4. Ask relatives and friends about books their children have enjoyed. You may even want to borrow books.
  5. If your son or daughter doesn't like a book, put it away. Forcing books on a child will defeat your purpose and turn reading into a battle of wills.
  6. Understand that your children may want to hear (or read) favorite books again and again, even after you think they've "outgrown" them.
  7. Look for books you will enjoy reading aloud. This will allow your enthusiasm to come through.
  8. Experiment. Offer variety, but above all, trust your youngster's reactions, and your own.
  9. Watch Ready to Learn programs like Reading Rainbow and Between the Lions to hear new stories and increase interest in books.
  10. Remember that you are trying to introduce your children to the pleasures of reading -- so have fun!






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