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    Classroom Activities

    Louisiana Speaks:

    Our Voice. Our Plan. Our Future.

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    All students are invited to submit their plans for rebuilding Louisiana. The classroom activities are designed for grades 8 through 12 but may be modified by teachers to be appropriate for other grades.

    Recovery involves rebuilding homes, communities or cities, and regions to be smarter, safer and stronger. Living environments must be accessible, enhance the quality of life and cohesiveness of the community, and stimulate economic growth while preserving the historic quality of the area and providing protection from environmental challenges.

    How would you rebuild a Southeastern or Southwestern Louisiana neighborhood or community that has been damaged by hurricanes and flooding?

  • Click for PDF of Classroom Activity on Home or Neighborhood Redesign
  • How would you redesign large multi-parish areas of Southeastern and Southwestern Louisiana to restore and preserve the coastline and wetlands; maximize use of transportation such as railways, waterways, and highways; and provide alternate ways to accommodate growth and development in the context of varying environmental, economic, and cultural patterns?

  • Click for PDF of Classroom Activity on Regional Redesign

    Submit plans to Louisiana Speaks
    by email to: laspeaks@c-pex.org
    or by mail to
    Louisiana Speaks Regional Vision
    721 Government Street, Suite 103-230
    Baton Rouge, LA 70802

    www.louisianaspeaks.org for more information.

    Louisiana Public Square www.lpb.org/lps to view video of the show.

    Additional Educational Resources:

    Washing Away: Losing LouisianaWashing Away: Losing Louisiana
    Lesson Plans

    In the Fall of 2005, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita churned ashore and wreaked havoc upon the already endangered coastline of Louisiana. Washing Away: Losing Louisiana tells the stories of six Louisianans and how the storms affected the coastline, their land and their livelihoods. These people share their stories and their knowledge of the larger impacts of coastal land loss on the environment, wildlife, the economy, industry, culture and communities.

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