The funding for this program is provided by

the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy

Barbara Bush Foundation for Literacy

Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Information Center of Louisiana

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
Information Center
of Louisiana


 Louisiana Intergenerational Literacy (LIL)

Louisiana Public Broadcasting’s Foundation for Excellence is partnering with Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Information Center of Louisiana to provide literacy skills to grandparents and the children in their care.

Grandfamilies are the initial participants in this developing project housed at Urban Villa.

Questions & Answers

What Our Experts Are Saying:



President Pro Tempore, Senator
Sharon Weston Broome


Grandparents Raising Grandchildren,
Pat Robinson


Co-Founder of Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Organization, Dot Thibodeaux

photoUrban Restoration, Ronnie Edwards

photoDealing with Addiction & Drug/ Alcohol Prevention- Co-Founder of Grandparents Raising Grandschildren, Danna Spayde

photo Louisiana Children’s Trust, Malcolm Myer


Governor's Office of Elderly Affairs,
Ronald Blereau


Catholic Charities - Diocese of Baton Rouge, Gerri Baker Allen

photoLSU Ag Center, Dr. Sally Soileau Lindquist

photoKinship Care Social Services, Cheryl Michelet

photoLACHIP, Hexter Bennett

photoPartnerships in Childcare, Janie Starks

photoSchool Preparation LA 4, Marybeth Ridgel


Communicating with Schools –
Mary Sue Slack

Principal Southdowns Elementary

photoSpecial Needs Evaluation- Retired Special Education Instructional Specialist,
Paula Miller

Autism, Governor's Office of Community Programs, Janet Mora

Healthy Living- Terri Cavalier, Respiratory Therapist, RN

The following are common questions
answered by video clips
from the Going to School series.

Going to School is a dynamic 10 part series based on the book by Doctors Craig & Sharon Ramey and hosted by Robin Roberts.

How do children learn best?

Windows Media

What if I spoil my grandchild?

Windows Media

What if my child is exposed to violence?
Windows Media

What if parenting mistakes have been made?

Windows Media

What is the best thing everyone can do to get a child ready for school?

Windows Media

How do I mentor my grandchild in reading?

Windows Media

When is a grandchild ready for reading?

Windows Media

How can I mentor my grandchild?
Windows Media

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