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Moon Haiku Lesson Plan

Grade Level: K-4 grades

Curriculum Area: Language Arts

Lesson Objectives:

  • ELA-2-E1 dictating or writing a composition that clearly states or implies a central idea with supporting details in a logical, sequential order; (1,4)
  • ELA-2-E3 creating written texts using the writing process; (1,4)
  • ELA-2-E4 using narration, description, exposition, and persuasion to develop compositions (e.g., notes, stories, letters, poems, logs); (1,4)
  • ELA-3-E5 spelling accurately using strategies (e.g., letter-sound correspondence, hearing and recording sounds in sequence, spelling patterns, pronunciation) and resources (e.g., glossary, dictionary) when necessary; (1,4)
  • ELA-4-E4 giving rehearsed and unrehearsed presentations; (1,4)
  • ELA-5-E4 using available technology to produce, revise, and publish a variety of works; (1,3,4)

Technology Performance Indicators: Use technology tools (e.g., publishing, multimedia tools, and word processing software) for individual and for simple collaborative writing, communication, and publishing activities for a variety of audiences. (1,3)

Technology Connection: Word Processing or Paint Software

Assessment: poem, presentation, technology use

Vocabulary: Haiku


  1. The teacher can read any moon poem from the book resource list.
  2. The teacher will discuss with students haiku poems. Give hard copy examples of haikus.  Haiku poems - composed of three lines. First line is 5 syllables, second line is 7 syllables, and  third line is 5 syllables.
  3. Brainstorm with students to help with words and pictures they may use.
  4. The teacher will demonstrate the actual process of creating a haiku with pictures.
  5. Students will write their own haiku poem about the moon.
  6. When ready students will type their poem in word processing software or paint software, illustrate by either drawing a picture or inserting a picture on the computer, and print a hard copy.
  7. Students will read their poem to the class.
  8. The teacher will assemble the poems into a class poem book to display at moon festival.
  9. Assess student work using a rubric. (See our sample)

Optional: Have students email their poems or publish on the web.

Haiku Web site:

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